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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ripples Through A Family

           My first ripple afghan is pictured here to the left. My motivation? That little cutie wrapped up in it. :) She is my first grandbaby Emilee Ann and she is so precious I had to make her a beautiful ripple afghan.

My aunt used to make ripple afghans and sell them. Growing up it was common to see
Aunt Darlene sitting crocheting a beautiful ripple afghan for someone. One christmas she crocheted me and my two sisters all a ripple afghan in our favorite colors. So, I have a strong associaton with afghans and family.

Suprisingly, this little baby afghan was made from some leftover yarn from my sister's afghan our Aunt crocheted for her. My grandma came across it in the shed stashed away somewhere and gave it to me to use. As soon as I saw it I thought, I have to use this in a blanket for Emilee.

I was really pleased with how it turned out. I didnt have enough vintage yarn to do the entire thing so I did also use some new off white and pink along with it. Now she has her own keepsake. :)

I crocheted all four of my children afghans but didnt use the ripple pattern because, try as I may, I couldnt seem to get the pattern down. Finally I found a simple ripple pattern and viola!

I picked out some colors and started my own ripple afghan about a month ago. But, I after my daughter (who is moving out in august) expressed how much she loved it and wanted it I decided to give it to her as a going away gift. Shhh! She doesnt know yet. No worries of her finding out here, she doesnt read her MOM's blog. :)
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  1. Absolutely adorable baby & afghan! Nice job Rock. Nancy